Monday, February 20, 2006


Dancing onto this lamplit
Herky jerk, but nubile
The Prince’s favorite daughter
Called sister in a drapery, all-canvas
Perfume of unknown dark specialists
The oldest book of poems
Where the feline amendments fork
Take up this foreign secret
We don’t even insinuate anymore
Mostly the final grey dog
Is reception beyond these works?
Or an elixir that makes you have dreams
Not ochre vodka soaking
Through into loaded environments
Where smoke degrades emotions
I am praying the sky remains high blue
While disaster explodes like a jet plane
How heat can cause you to jump
From a skyscraper gravity known as down
Another mayor running for President
Another no-bid contract to Hell
This time we’ll be reciting cocktails with depositions
Playing compassionate in a no goal zone
Remember this test, remember
While a spider spins your dress
I’m not even sure what time we lose
But victory is beyond this newscast
Beyond this battle field
What is left uncovered is the only sphere
From the sub-sub librarian’s club
Our highway and your soonest declaimer
Where we speak on the intercom phone
There’s a bird on a fence called silhouette
No echo on an ocean of stimuli
Don’t dissemble miseries of film
Or flimsy disputes insufficiency
Blooming in your hair, in your breath
That’s the flower delighted in crime
Holding beyond pungency
A melody of symptoms, a time
Please backup singers remember me
I have surprised a suffering sign
Where this message is plainly and various
Revealed like a biblical stunt
Staccato vision of loneliness


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