Wednesday, August 01, 2007


A big man with a big mouth
From down South, New Orleans
Walking in a room, not afraid of guns
He was peaceful
But he’d give you some
Yictove Humanoid
Another alien from Pluto
Another disputer
He liked the herb
Have you heard him read?
He was a Humanoid, now deceased
He lived in East Urange
His heart was too big
So it had to stop
He had a large head and a squinty eye
His hands were slabs of a humanoid kind
The size of pillows and soft
His grace was a float
He could bring up the house, to attention
Let me warm up the mic with a poem
Traveled all around the world
Never settled down until now
Went wherever he could
Now he’s home
Pluto must be glad he’s back
Cooking up some crocodile stew with pepper
Outer space’ll make you hungry
He was a Humanoid
Always seemed on a cloud
He always stood up for feeling good
Happy Humanoid, now gone
I’m going to miss you biggie
You’re in me
I’m gonna miss your company.


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