Wednesday, August 01, 2007


There’s a difference between trains, rivers, and billboard signs
But I can’t say I know what the difference is
I drift
Trying to determine sameness and its opposite
But ill-prepared
I am not the boy scout leader
Instead I am the Dada parishioner
Looking for a new Pope
I have graduated the classroom
Now I can take off my dunce cap
Great and fearless
Revolutionary friends
(I almost said fiends)
We no longer can excuse ourselves by being drunk
Instead we wait
In the lockup of choice
Please great and fearless fiends
(I almost said friends)
Bring me cigarettes
No change that
I just forgot I don’t smoke
Not tobacco or anything else
Make that magazines
And more importantly
Devils and troublemakers
Bring money and clothes
But especially money
The bail this time is steep.


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