Tuesday, July 14, 2009


“DADA does not burden itself with goal oriented motives.”
Richard Huelsenbeck

Dada future
Dada welfare state
Dada digital television nation
Dada President
Nothing to say
Economy based on the newest idea dada
The newest idea dada sold in the supermarkets
The Future Store
There’s enough shopping space, according to the New York Dada Times
According to John Cage
According to Venerable Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
Walt Whitman was a Dada nurse
He published many copies of his dada poems
Printed them himself
Just like William Dada Blake
William predicted a dada future
There are many realizations waiting to happen
They are merely flowers in a great dada field
Do not pick them!
Let them blossom and then lay in the grass
Count stars
Answer letters from the Department of Labor
Go to the butcher’s with kielbasa
William Blake predicted it all
He wrote it in a dada notebook
But the notebook was lost
On ebay for 15,000 bucks
William consulted with many dada oracles
Mostly in his head
Walt spent time in medical tents
Holding the hand of the wounded
He lived in dada Brooklyn
He lived in dada Camden
He was known to wear a floppy dada hat.


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