Saturday, April 23, 2005


Drinking is not an institution
I'm sitting here in rain
But I'm not Li-Po
This is a negative
On the bright side
The euphoria
Blonde as a summer day
Only late
The way a cab in a storm
The Pollacks of yesterday
Separate out of this wonderful
Like a trip to Disneyland
A spike beyond the numb
Into the zone
Where the futures go
Tryptich to the dark side
I'm a benefactor
I'm a junk monkey
Clusters of impression
An artist so sleep
Going deep
Drinking is not Euphrates
The sip
The shadow on a brick street
Mist off a fresh
Where the eyes close
Masters of monty
Laughing at the vic
Don't take the hot shot
You're a goner
It's hard time
Until you max
Drinking is a low down
What town hat
In this plaster
Take it to the flap
Find your ticket
Full of flowers
Give this version
A slip-up
That's where treasure goes
Take yourself an alphabet
Until you lose


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